UI/UX design for a marketing automation product

Redbrix designed a customer support and marketing automation product that businesses of any size can use to communicate with their customers, get feedback and increase sales.
About Tracktor
Tracktor is a startup aimed to boost the e-commerce experience for businesses and their customers.
Services we provided
UI/UX design
Logo design


The platform analyses customers’ behavior and helps you create a custom marketing campaign making it personal for customers and simple for business owners. Since there were only developers on the team, they needed help creating a simple and intuitive user experience and a nice-looking interface.
The design process has started with extensive research analysis of the current market situation. Having a unique set of features not available in competitors’ solutions was a good start but we wanted to take it a bit further. It goes without saying that modern UX and contemporary UI were a must but we also laid the foundation for future scalability.
Thus we made the product look versatile so it could support different localizations and fit any kind of environment without looking like a hostile element. In addition to that, the appearance of the chat widget was highly customizable but didn’t take the user too much effort to do it.
Redbrix excelled in understanding what was needed and provided that quickly and within deadline. Their superior understanding of how the design is applied complements the team’s design expertise. They delivered a high-quality widget that is so well-liked that it was replicated many times.
Konstantin Mitrofansky
Founder, Tracktor.io
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