UI/UX design for real estate SaaS platform

SaaS platform provides a convenient and efficient process of working with real estate properties.

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SimpleQ is a Zurich-based consultancy firm that focuses on the digitalization of a real estate business and offering IT and consultancy services to the real estate industry players.
Services we provided
UI/UX design


Provide UI/UX design for SaaS platform that offers all the necessary functions for submitting and managing applications for renting apartments/houses. Also a platform should provide functions for efficient processing of applications and properties management for real estate agency.
Redbrix started with research and learning about specifics of real estate agents’ daily workflow. That helped with defining a set of features specific to this business domain like resident scoring, applications overview, management, statistics. Since most of the agents still used paperwork as their main everyday tool, the product was designed to look familiar and in a way mimic paper forms that everybody was used to. On the other hand, the product improved interaction with the forms and boosted the efficiency so that it would take agents far less time to work with them.
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