Logistics app for warehouse workers

Redbrix helped OATSystem improve warehouse routine and provided UI/UX design services to create an easy-to-use logistics mobile app used by warehouse workers to locate and organize goods via RFID tags. It is distributed as a part of SaaS for Checkpoint Systems clients.
About OATSystems
OATSystems is a part of a division of Checkpoint Systems Inc. The company delivers real-time visibility to enterprise systems, empowering businesses in Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution and Logistics industries to achieve competitive advantage.
Services we provided
UI/UX design


OATSystems were searching for a team that would help them design an enterprise in-house mobile solution for warehouse employees.

The goal was to make the mobile app work as an extension of portable RFID scanner device and build on top of that adding new features that would make warehouse employees’ workflow quicker and more efficient.
Our approach was to use limited screen space as efficiently as possible so that the end users could use one single tool to accomplish most of their tasks like keeping daily agendas, doing stock counts, locating items etc. In addition to that we had a very tight schedule to keep which meant that there was not much room to test all of the ideas and hypotheses, every decision in this project had to be precise and final.
One of the main use cases of the app is to make cycle counts of items located in multiple warehouses. For this purpose we started researching how workers’ routine of counting items looked like and what areas should be improved. Based on that we’ve come up with a flow that would allow workers to count items in a quicker and more efficient way.
Locate items by RFID
The app is used in enormous warehouses where navigation is crucial. That’s why another goal was to design items locating feature that workers would use to quickly find a good by only having its UPC (Universal Product Code). In combination with RFID signal the app locates the item, shows how far the item is from the worker and gives navigation guidelines.
Despite tight deadlines Redbrix managed to successfully create a solution that covered all use cases and delivered all of the final designs on time.
These guys made a flash sprint and delivered affordable daily-routine tool for every warehouse workers.
Phil Morrow
Senior Director of Product Management at OATSystems Inc., a division of Checkpoint Systems
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